WARNING: Colors shown may not represent exact fabric color due to monitor and computervariation. Please call
for actual swatches of the fabrics.We also have other colors and fabrics not listed, please call for more
detailed information!


Waterproof Fabrics: Navy, French Blue, NY Blue, Police Blue, CD Green, Forest Green,
Dark Grey, Black, Yellow, Royal, White, Light Grey, Cobalt, Red,
Tangerine, Tan, Dark Brown,

Pumpkin, Safety
Yellow, Turquoise, Purple, OD Green

Water Resistant Fabrics, Supplex: Navy, NY Blue, Black, Police Blue, Royal, White, Light Grey,
Dark Grey, Cobalt,
Red, Sky Blue, Tan, Dark Brown, French Blue, OD Green

Coated Nylon: Navy, Black

Macho Poplin: Navy, Black, Green, Tan

Shirt Fabric: Red, White, Police Blue, Navy, NY Blue, Royal, Yellow, Forest Green, Light Grey,
French Blue,
Tan, Black, Safety Yellow, Dark Grey, Medium Blue, Holland Blue, Dark Brown,

Chocolate Brown

Coolmax Stretch Shorts: NY Blue, Navy and Black
Coolmax Stretch Pants: NY Blue and Black
Wearnyl: Black
Extreme Fabrics: Navy, Black and NY Blue


OVP587 - Olympic Vest with Zip Off Bolero Jacket
OEJ715 - Olympic Eisenhower Jacket
OOP567 - Olympic One Piece Cycling Jacket
BEL421 - Olympic Long One Piece Cycling Jacket
ONY673 - Olympic New York Zip Sleeve Jacket
Available in single or dual tone colors in Supplex or waterproof fabrics

HIP918 - Olympic High Performance Jacket
Available in single or dual tone color combinations in Supplex only

OAJ241 - OAV242 Olympic Attack Jacket, Olympic Attack Vest
Available in Maho Poplin, Supplex or waterproof fabrics

JST739 - Olympic 70WR Jumpsuit
Available in Wearnyl, Supplex, or waterproof fabrics

JST2000 - Olympic Extreme Stretch Jumpsuit
Available in Extreme stretch lightweight and waterproof fabrics (JST2001)

EXTL11 - Olympic Extreme Stretch Pant
Available in Extreme stretch lightweight and waterproof fabrics (EXTW22)

OCP588 - Olympic Cycling Pants
Available in Supplex, or waterproof fabrics.

ZLP596 - Olympic Zip Leg Pants
OHS147 - Olympic Hollywood Shorts
- Olympic Phoenix Shorts

- Olympic Phoenix Shorts

ilable in Supplex only

CMA252 - Olympic Class A Short Sleeve Uniform Shirt
CMA255 - Olympic Class A Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt
MP126 - Olympic Polo Short Sleeve Shirt
MP155 - Olympic Polo Long Sleeve Shirt
CMB342 - Olympic Class A Polo Short Sleeve Shirt
CMB349 - Olympic Class A Polo Long Sleeve Shirt
Available in Coolmax or Sorbtek

CBP515 - Olympic Color Block Short Sleeve Polo Shirt:
CBP599 - Olympic Color Block Long Sleeve Polo Shirt:
Available in dual tone colors in Coolmax or Sorbtek

MED111 - Olympic Medic One Jacket
Available in Coated Nylon, Travtech or waterproof fabrics

MCP835 - Olympic Motorcycle Pants
Available in coated nylon or waterproof fabrics

MAX575 - Olympic Comfort St:retch Short
Available in Coolmax

ULT189 - Olympic Ultraflex Shorts
Available in Spandura